Staying Organized is extremely important in every aspect of serving. The Mobile Office Server Book is the right tool to assist you, no matter the pace of the dining room, the  venue or the establishment. The Mobile Office Server Book is designed to neatly keep your checks and pending orders organized, and readily available. There are slots to keep your employee card and credit cards secure. Having everything organized at your finger tips is a great start to providing excellent customer service!



Efficiency is what keeps you out of the weeds. Staying out of weeds is what makes sure you have any easy and profitable shift. To become efficient you need to be organized and need a process that you go through with each guest order. The more you follow your process the more natural it becomes and the more efficient you become in your job and guest interactions. The Mobile Office Server Book can not create that process for you, but it will help you stay organized with everything at your finger tips and thus makes your process stronger.



Productivity is born from being Organzied and being Efficient. There is never a shift where everything works perfectly as planned. Being productive allows you to make the changes you need to on the fly and keep working as a well oiled machine. These three things are the key to a happy guest, a happy restaurant  team and a happy YOU.

Use The Mobile Office Server Book to become Organized, Work your Process, Make the Profit!

What is The Mobile Office Server Book?

The Mobile Office Server Book is an innovative design on a classic server book. It features a sewn together design with no plastic and no cardboard. As servers, there are often many things for us to keep track of throughout our shift. Stuffing all those things into a tiny plastic pocket is not an easy feat and leaves our books torn and looking less than stellar. The Mobile Office Server Book offers lots of storage with a durable design and quality construction. Our design offers these great features:

  • Two large pockets on both sides of the book
  • Fully functioning zipper envelope for cash
  • Five card sized dividers for POS/Micros cards, separating guest checks, or holding credit cards
  • Full-size sleeve to hold card board backing of order pad/guest check pad
  • The Mobile Office Server Book is firm yet remains flexible so it comfortable to carry and easy to use

It will expand, but won’t crack and fall apart thanks to its durability and wipes clean. Whatever level of server you are, The Mobile Office Server Book can help you be the best you can be.