Welcome to Servin’ U!

We here at Servin’ U have been in the restaurant service industry for a little more than a few years if you know what I mean ;-) With that being said on any given day, we have seen the Great, the Good, the Bad and of course the UGLY. Which I guess is just like any other industry.

Being a restaurant server IS NOT a menial task, by any means!!

We servers work in a Multi-faceted, Multi-Billion dollar industry. There are so many different avenues and venues to choose to work in. It’s about what fits you best.  Remember this is a MULTI- BILLION DOLLAR industry; there are ALWAYS people ready to eat. We not only work in restaurant service industry, we also take part in it every week as well.  We will go to dinner, for convenience, to hang out with friends for a couple drinks or maybe a little business meeting over some breakfast.  Whatever the reason we choose to dine out, shortly after being seated by a host, a server is there to take care of us.

This brings me to how Servin’ U came to fruition.  It’s wasn’t rocket science, just plain observation and a desire to make things easier for myself and those working with me.  No matter where we would go to breakfast, lunch or dinner, everyone seemed to use the same thing, even those that I work with.  We were all using those check presenters handed out by credit card companies. They are less than attractive; provide no storage for keeping things organized and in general did very little to help us do our jobs efficiently and effectively. So I had to ask Why? Why is there not something better out there! What would make my job easier? What traits would I like to see in a server and wait staff book? What I came up with, was something that could get me Organized!

Organized- YES, as a busy server, organization is key to our success. Organization helps you become efficient and when you are Organized and Efficient you are Productive.

Restaurant servers do not have an office to go back to and organize our thoughts; we have to take an order while in a hectic noisy environment. We then have to ensure that the order was communicated properly to the kitchen, and then delivered to the correct guest in a timely fashion. After our guests have enjoyed their meal we have to bill them accurately and collect the money that is due. After all this we collect our pay.

Looking at all that, it is clear that a restaurant server needs to keep organized. For many that task isn’t an easy feat. They need something to help them, so why do we as servers settle for just a check presenter???

Restaurant Servers deserve more than basic tools – we deserve the best!!!!

So what tool do restaurant servers need and deserve? What will work for all types of establishments and venues?  What will accommodate everything we sort during our shift and after the shift?

These questions led me to the design of The Mobile Office Server and Wait Staff Book. Originally, it was designed with only Restaurant Servers in mind.  To my surprise other industries found it to be a great organizer as well. It is great for taking notes during meetings, holding business cards, credit cards and cash for those who don’t like the bulky wallet. It is great for those that don’t want to carry a full size organizer. With The Mobile Office Server and Wait Staff Book you can have something that doubles or triples as a great notebook, wallet and organizer that easily fits in your hand, is durable and attractive.

That is why we designed it for restaurant servers. It does all of the above and that is why we named it The Mobile Office. It provides me and all those that work with me in this field a Mobile Office. A Mobile Office for which they can work, stay Organized, Efficient and Productive.  It accommodates their needs while in a busy hectic environment; this server book and wait staff book is an awesome organizer for anyone.

Please check out the shop page and learn about my creation The Mobile Office Server and Wait Staff Book. It has helped me and many others to become organized and thus becoming the best food service professional I can be. It can help you as well!